Our Staff

Thomasina Smith

Head of Numismatics (Associate Director)

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7016 1832, Email: thomasina@dnw.co.uk

Thomasina Smith
Thomasina started her career at Spink in 2013 with a gavel in hand, immediately becoming one of the youngest female auctioneers anywhere in the world. Over the next five years, she played a key role in developed an outstanding Banknote department, working alongside Barnaby Faull and Andrew Pattison. She has researched, catalogued and personally hammered down some of the best collections and individual rare notes available anywhere in the world. By now an established banknote specialist, Thomasina made the move to DNW in 2018 and is expanding the department in exciting new directions.

Thomasina regularly attends the International Banknote Society meetings and international banknote fairs. In her spare time she enjoys painting, sketching and visiting European art galleries.