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Christopher Webb

Client Liaison (Numismatics)

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7016 1801, Email: chris@dnw.co.uk

Christopher Webb
Chris's numismatic career started in November 1972, when he was appointed as an 'auction room assistant' to the late William French at Glendining's. In 1983 he conducted his first auction and in 1989 became an associate director.

In January 1993 he joined the fledgling medal auctioneers Buckland Dix & Wood to establish a Coin, Historical Medal, Token and Banknote department. The company's first Coin sale was held in June 1993. In 1996 he became a Director and shareholder, a position reflected in the renaming of the company. Since 1993 this department has produced over 250 sale catalogues and offered some 200,000 lots.

Unusually, Chris's expert knowledge spans both coins and war medals, and for several years he was Glendining's resident war medal specialist. Chris is also the Coin department’s main travelling representative and he spends several days each month visiting clients, both in the UK and overseas.

In his long numismatic career Chris has been involved in the dispersal of many important coin collections, including those formed by Frederick Willis, Peter Arnot, Norman Brodie, R.C. Bell, William Pheatt, Mrs Eileen Judson, Allan Graves, Bennie Linden, Jeffrey P. Mass, Dr James Davidson, Dr E.J. Harris, Ernest Danson, Michael Sherman, Peter Coles, David McDonald, Dr John Hulett, Arthur Fitts and many other notable collections, also several coin hoards, such as Reigate, Presbury, Langtoft, Holme, Banknotes are also an important part of the Coin department and recent years has offered outstanding collections George Barker, Godfrey Burr and Bob Blake. In total, Chris estimates that he has auctioned over £45 million-worth of coins and medals during his career.

He is married with two children; Danielle, who is also a valued member of the DNW team, and a son, Liam, who is an Electrical Engineer, and three Grandchildren, Eve, Jarvis and Gene.