Milled Coins from the Andrew Scothern Collection

Milled Coins from the Andrew Scothern Collection

Andrew J Scothern

Born in 1946 in the centre of Coventry, a city which had been seriously damaged by the Luftwaffe, I grew up with bomb craters as my playground. The family had little money and I left school at 16 after an indifferent education to become a clerk in a local motorcycle factory. In my late teens I realised that the coins in my pocket might be worth more than their face value. Thus started my keen interest in numismatics.

In the mid-1960s I became involved with the computer industry and my life took off in a very exciting and positive way. In 1979 I started my own software business which became seriously profitable over the years, providing the funds to develop a high quality coin collection. I was only interested in ‘the best’ both in business and collecting. Mediocrity is not satisfying but the best certainly is.

This year I am 67 and I am told I need to start planning my estate. Regrettably, my sons are not interested in numismatics so I wish to pass my beloved collection on to those who will treasure the items as I have done. Good luck with your bidding!

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