The Peter Mann Collection of Kent Tokens

The Peter Mann Collection of Kent Tokens

Peter Mann (1932 - 2013)

Peter George Hubert Mann was born on 30 May 1932 in Kuala Lumpur of colonial parents. He left for England with his Mother and sister just before the Japanese invasion. His Father remained at his post and was imprisoned in Changi prison.

Peter joined the junior King’s School, Canterbury, in 1938 and was evacuated with the school to the Carlyon Bay Hotel in Cornwall to avoid the Blitz. During his time in Cornwall he formed an interest in collecting Kent tokens and on various exeats he travelled to London to spend his precious pocket money on them.

He was present when Field-Marshal Bernard Montgomery, an old boy of the school, addressed the boys about the North Africa campaign.

Peter joined the senior King’s School in Canterbury in 1945 as a King’s Scholar. He learned to fly with the R.A.F. section of the CCF. After completing his education at King’s he deferred his university entrance and joined the RAF for his National Service as a Pilot Officer.

After conversion to jets in Canada he flew, amongst other aircraft, Gloster Meteors and had the dubious honour of crashing one, which cost the taxpayer a quarter of a million pounds at the time. He was cleared of blame after an enquiry which detected a malfunction of the undercarriage. Very lucky to escape with his life, he got out just before the plane blew up.

After National Service Peter took up his deferred place at London University to train as a veterinary surgeon, a decision he had made many years before. Eventually he had his own practice.

He was very involved with veterinary politics and became President of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Council and was voted a Fellow by election. In later life he was the Veterinary Director of the P.D.S.A., the largest charitable veterinary practice in the World.

Even in retirement he maintained his interest and work with his chosen profession, as well as his interest in Kent tokens.

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