The Collection of Medals to Yeomen of the Guard formed by Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Denny

The Collection of Medals to Yeomen of the Guard formed by Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Denny

Lieutenant-Colonel Paul William Denny, R.V.M. (1940-2018)

Paul Denny joined the Royal Norfolk Regiment as a boy Soldier in 1956 and was attached to the Parachute Regiment from 1961 to 1964, serving in Cyprus, before re-joining the 1st Battalion East Anglian Regiment, and seeing further service in Aden and Germany. After a spell as a Recruiting Officer in Northampton, he then served in Northern Ireland with the Recce Platoon, 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, before being appointed Company Sergeant Major of the 3rd Battalion in 1976, with whom he completed two more tours of Northern Ireland, before being appointed Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant of the Cadet training team at Bassingbourne Barracks.

Paul was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 1980, and then completed two further tours of Northern Ireland with the 2nd Battalion. He left the Regular Army in 1990 with the rank of Major and joined the Suffolk Cadet Force as Deputy Commandant, eventually becoming Commandant, and was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel. He became a Yeoman of The Guard in March 1990 and held this role until March 2011, receiving the Royal Victorian Medal from the Queen upon his retirement.

Paul began collecting Medals in 1956 and bought his first Medal, a Naval General Service Medal, from Spink in 1956. His main collecting themes became the Norfolk and Suffolk Regiments, and Long Service Medals. In later life he devoted his collecting interests to Yeomen of The Guard, and devoted much of his spare time to researching every Yeoman since the Guard’s formation, a task he had almost completed. His widow Sue hopes to complete the Biographical Research and publish Paul’s work in his memory.

A theme of Paul’s collecting was to thoroughly research the recipient until nothing else could be found, a fact evidenced by his superbly researched Yeoman collection that we offer here.

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