The Collection of Wiltshire Coins, Tokens and Paranumismatica formed by the late David Ward

Date of Auction: 30th September 2021

Sold for £220

Estimate: £200 - £300

Coins, William I, Penny, Sword type [BMC VI], Salisbury, Cihtwine, cnihtpine on sier, 1.22g/3h (Allen, BNJ 2012 and 2016, –; N 846; S 1255). Broken and skilfully repaired, piece missing from edge, otherwise very fine and exceptionally rare


Provenance: Bt M.P. Senior January 2012.

The moneyer appears unattested at Salisbury for this class, but it is thought that at least two type VII coins by him are extant (one in the Henry Clark sale of 1898, the other EMC 1300.0307). Cihtwine appears to have been more active at Shaftesbury, where his coins of types V to VIII are known (BMC I, p.ccxxxiv)