The Collection of Wiltshire Coins, Tokens and Paranumismatica formed by the late David Ward

Date of Auction: 30th September 2021

Sold for £130

Estimate: £80 - £100

Coins, Henry II, Short Cross coinage, Pennies (2), both class 1b1, Wilton, Osber, osber · on · wilt, 1.22g/10h, 1.01g/11h (former SCBI Mass 480, same dies; N 963; S 1344); cut Halfpenny, class 1b1, Winchester, Rodbert, [rod]bert · on[· win], 0.53g/6h (SCBI Mass 515, same rev. die; N 963; S 1344) [3]. Varied state, all excavated £80-£100


Provenance: First bt December 2010; second bt I. Roper July 2010; last bt G. Morgans April 2010