The Collection of Wiltshire Coins, Tokens and Paranumismatica formed by the late David Ward

Date of Auction: 30th September 2021

Sold for £500

Estimate: £240 - £300

17th Century Tokens, Calne, James Bartlett, Farthing, 1669, 0.69g/6h (N 5426; BW. 22); Stephen Baylie, Farthing, 0.64g/6h (N 5427; BW. 24); John Dash, Farthing, 1669, 0.42g/12h (N –; BW. 25); John Forman, Farthing, 0.71g/6h (N 5428; BW. 29); John Jeffreis, Farthing, 1668, 1.28g/6h (N 5429; BW. 30); Wil Jeffrey the Elder, Farthing, 1.09g/12h (N 5430; BW. 31); Grace Lawrence, Farthing, 1669, 0.33g/12h (N –; BW. 32); Witherstone Mesenger, Farthing, 0.73g/12h (N –; BW. 33); John Norman, Farthing, 0.57g/12h (N 5432; BW. 34); A[nthony] S[mith], Farthing, 1669, 1.10g/12h (N 5433; BW. 35) [10]. N 5426, 5432, BW. 25 and 32 fair, others fine and better, some very rare; an excellent town group, believed lacking only one issuer and one variant £240-£300


Provenance: N 5428 bt G. Ward December 2016; N 5432 bt C.M. Rowe; BW. 32 and *33 bt N.A. Clark August 2007.

Stephen Bailey, mercer; John Dash, tallowchandler; John Forman, tobacconist; John Jefferies, grocer; Wil Jeffrey the Elder, grocer; Grace Lawrence, née Salter, widow of John Lawrence (†1668); Witherstone Messenger (†1692), baker, wife’s name Mary; John Norman, grocer; Anthony Smith, 12 Quarrbarton, aka The Glass House, wife’s name Jean. Further details of The Glass House are sold with the lot