The Collection of Irish Gunmoney formed by Barry Allen

Date of Auction: 14th November 2018

Sold for £440

Estimate: £300 - £400

James II (1685-1691), Halfcrowns (9), all large size, 1689 Sepr:, 14.39g/12h (Timmins 1B; S 6579D); 1689 Oct:, 14.50g/12h (Timmins 1E; S 6579E); 1689 Nov:, 14.13g/12h (Timmins 1B; S 6579G); 1689 Dec:, 15.34g/12h (Timmins 1B; S 6579H); 1689 Feb:, stop after gratia, 14.36g/12h (Timmins 2C; S 6579K); 1689 Mar·, 13.25g/12h (Timmins 1A; S 6579L); 1690 Mar:, 13.58g/12h (Timmins 1A; S 6579M); 1690 Apr:, 14.26g/12h (Timmins 1B; S 6579N); 1690 May:, 13.59g/12h (Timmins 1C; S 6579O) [9]. Varied state £300-£400


Provenance: First SNC November 1991 (7300); second bt B. King June 1994; third bt C.J. Denton; fourth bt C.J. Denton March 1998; fifth bt C.J. Denton December 1998; sixth bt C.J. Denton October 1998; seventh bt C.J. Denton June 2000; eighth bt J. Hardiman November 1995; last bt J. Hardiman February 1997