A Collection of Medals to the Gloucestershire Regiment

Date of Auction: 15th October 2020

Sold for £4,600

Estimate: £2,400 - £3,000

Three: Lieutenant Stephen “Jolly Old Muff” McDonough, 61st Foot, who was the first recipient of the M.S.M. in the regiment in 1847, was wounded at Chilianwala by ‘musket ball through both thighs’, and received an Ensign’s commission ‘for conduct’ in the battle, and was promoted to Captain for services at Delhi 1857-58; he retired as a Major from the 3rd West India Regiment in 1865

Punjab 1848-49, 2 clasps, Chilianwala, Goojerat (Qr. Mr. Serjt. S. McDonough, 61st Foot); Indian Mutiny 1857-59, 1 clasp, Delhi (Lieut. S, McDonough. 61st Regt.); Army Meritorious Service Medal, V.R., dated ‘1847’ on edge (Qr, Mas: Serjt. Stephen McDonough 61st Regt. 1847) £2,400-£3,000


The Army M.S.M., V.R. issue, dated ‘1847’ on the edge, was the earliest version of the M.S.M. issued. Approximately 110 medals of this type were issued, of which approximately 50 are known to be extant. This medal to McDonough was the first M.S.M. awarded to the 61st Foot. Upon his promotion to Ensign in 1849 his Annuity was taken over by Sergeant-Major William Dowler who also received the M.S.M.

Stephen McDonough was born in the Parish of St Nicholas, County Galway, on 12 March 1809. He enlisted into the 61st Foot on 28 July 1826, aged 18. From 1828 to 1839 he served in Ceylon and was promoted to Schoolmaster Sergeant on 1 June 1832, and to Quarter-Master Sergeant on 1 August 1844. From 1845 to 1859 he served with the 61st in India, during which period he was awarded the M.S.M. with Annuity of £10 on 4 December 1847. He was present with the 61st in Brigadier Wheeler’s Field Force in 1848, at the capture of the Sikh Forts of Rungul Nungul and Moorarée. He served in the Punjab Campaign of 1848-49 and was present at the Passage of the Chenab, Battle of Sadoolapore, 3 December 1848, under Major-General Sir Joseph Thackwell; Battle of Chilianwala, 13 January 1849 & Battle of Goojerat, 21 February 1849, under General Lord Gough Comr. in Chief, East Indies; with Field Force under Major-General Sir W. R. Gilbert. Was wounded by a ‘musket ball through both thighs on the 13th January 1849 at Chillianwalla’, and was commissioned Ensign for his gallantry there without purchase, 10 April 1849. Promoted to Lieutenant by purchase, 7 June 1850, he served at the Siege, Assault and Capture of Delhi in 1857 and was present at the action of Nujjufghur on 25 August 1857 under Brigadier-General A. Wilson, and was promoted to Captain without purchase, 27 July 1858, for services at Delhi in 1857-58. From 1859-60, he was in Mauritius and then exchanged into the 3rd West India Regiment, 6 September 1861, serving in the West Indies in 1861-62, and in West Africa in 1863-64. He retired on full pay as Major on 9 June 1865, and died at Brixton on 10 November 1877. He was known affectionately to to the 61st as ‘Jolly Old Muff’.