The team of experts and consultants on the coin side of the business at DNW collectively bring over 260 years'-worth of experience in commercial numismatics to all series of British and World coins, from early medieval to modern. Comprehensive catalogue descriptions are a particular feature of all DNW coin auctions, with weights and die-axes of important pieces recorded so that catalogues have lasting value to students. In the past 20 years we have offered over 100,000 lots of coins at public auction, including pieces from the collections of Tony Abramson (UK), David Greenhalgh (UK), Jeffrey Mass (USA), Michael O'Bee (UK), Edward Roehrs (Puerto Rico), Matthew Rich (UK), Jim Sazama (USA), Andrew Scothern (UK), Gerald Somerville (UK), Joanna Tansley (UK), and many others. We have also sold coins from a number of hoards discovered in recent years.

Ancient Coins

Since 2007 DNW were the only British Auctioneers to hold regular dedicated sales of Ancient Coins, 15 to date, we have sold some superb coins for some amazing prices.

Katane, Drachm, c. 405. £276,000
Octavian and Divus Caesar, Aureus, 43BC. £420,000
Pantikaion, Gold Stater, c. 380-370. £222,000
Kyrenaica, Barke, Tetradrachm, c. 360. £396,000
Vespasian, Aureus, c. 69-70. £150,000

In the past we have sold the collections forearmed by John Quinn and Stephen Alexander, also we have sold several Hoards, notably the Langtoft Hoard in 2002. Another part of the Ancient Coin department handles Artefacts, and we sold the collection of the late Alan Harrison in June 2011, there is a growing interest in this subject.