Historical & Art Medals

Historical and Art medals, for so long the Cinderella series in numismatics, are a wide and diverse series where pieces with a story to tell can sell for as little as a few pounds or as much as tens of thousands of pounds. At DNW we have majored on medals of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries – the ages of change, of art nouveau, art déco – but we don't neglect medals of the earlier periods. We hold one or two specialist auctions of historical and art medals annually, which typically feature a range of British and World medals of all shapes and sizes.

Over the years we have sold medals from a number of important collections, including those of David Corrick (Devon), David Griffiths (Hertfordshire), Reg Lomas (Derbyshire), Stephen Martin (USA), Edward Roehrs (Puerto Rico), James Spencer (Taiwan) and Hans-Peter Wipfler (Switzerland).