Trade tokens have been a special feature on the DNW auction programme for many years. Our resident expert, Peter Preston-Morley, first started to collect tokens in 1968 and was responsible for a number of major specialist token auctions staged in London between 1979 and 1986. Ever since the numismatic side of DNW was constituted in 1993, the company has been including tokens in auctions. Over the past 20 years the company has sold more British tokens by auction than any other concern and we remain the only major British auction house offering trade tokens in specialist sales.

During that time we have been favoured with instructions to sell tokens from some of the very best collections formed on both sides of the North Atlantic in modern times, including those of Tom Anstiss (Hampshire), Neil Beaton (Berkshire), Robert Bell (Newcastle-on-Tyne), Allen Bennett (Kerrville, TX), Robinson S. Brown Jr (Louisville, KY), Frank Gorsler (Cincinnati, OH), Barry Greenaway (Gloucestershire), David Griffiths (Hertfordshire), Robert Hogarth (Kent), Eileen Judson (Essex), David Litrenta (Shrewsbury, PA), David Magnay (S. Glamorgan), David Pottinger (Berkshire), David Spence (Pittsburgh, PA), Joel Spingarn (Georgetown, CT), Jim Wagner (Hampshire) and many others.