Help & Information

Your Cabinet

Your Cabinet displays items that you are interested in along with bids you have placed.

Saving Items to Your Cabinet
When browsing a catalogue on our website you can save items to your cabinet by clicking ‘Save to Cabinet’. You will see a confirmation message that the item has been saved. Lots which you have placed bids are automatically added to Your Cabinet.

Editing Bids
Your Cabinet allows you to have complete control over your bids. If you would like to increase or decrease your advance bid on a lot, simply click ‘Edit Bid’ next to the appropriate lot and enter the new bid amount in the form that appears.

Removing Items from Your Cabinet
To remove items from your cabinet, simply click the ‘Remove’ button next to the corresponding lot on the ‘Your Cabinet’ page.

Your Cabinet can be accessed from any page on the DNW website by clicking ‘Your Cabinet’ in the ‘Auctions’ menu.