Help & Information

Bidding on the Day

There are three ways to bid on our Auctions on the day of the sale:

1. Attend the Auction (not available for Online Only Auctions)
The location of each auction is clearly displayed on our website along with the date and time the auction will start.

If you wish to bid you will need to register with us at the registration desk where you will be issued with a paddle displaying your bidding number.

2. Bid Live Online
All of our auctions are available to bid on over the Internet. After you have logged into our website click the ‘Bid Live’ link under the corresponding auction and you will be passed through to our live bidding facility.

3. Telephone Bidding
Customers can arrange, by appointment, to bid on lots by telephone. When the specified lots are coming up, a member of staff will contact you by telephone to relay what is happening in the auction room and bid on your behalf.

Telephone bidding is subject to availability. For guidance, telephone bidding is generally only available on lots estimated at over £1000. Telephone bids should be received by us no later than 16:00 on the day before the auction starts.