Help & Information

Account Passwords

Your Dix Noonan Webb password is used to ensure your account is kept secure. You will need to enter your password when logging in to the DNW website and when placing bids.

Unless it is set at registration, your password, by default, is your client code but it can easily be changed once you are logged in by following the steps in the ‘Changing Your Password’ section below.

Changing Your Password

You can easily change your password by doing the following:

1. Click on ‘Your Account’ > ‘Profile Information’ > ‘Change Your Password’.
2. In the form that is shown, enter your current password and your new password (twice) in the appropriate fields.
3. Click ‘Change Your Password’. You should be shown a message to confirm that your password has been changed. If there was an error with the information you entered you will be shown the form again and asked to enter the correct information before your password is changed.

Valid Passwords

Your password:

  • must be between 5 and 12 characters long
  • must consist of alphanumeric characters only (ie no spaces, punctuation, etc)
  • is case sensitive and can contain upper case and lower case characters