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  • Buyer’s Premium is shown as being 24%. Why have I been charged more? Buyer’s Premium is subject to UK tax (VAT) which is currently 20%. For example;

    Hammer Price: £1000
    Buyer’s Premium (inc VAT): £288 (£240 + £48 VAT)

    Total: £1288

    Please note that VAT is not chargeable on the hammer price, it is only chargeable on the Buyer’s Premium.
  • I am not a UK resident, why have I been charged tax (VAT)? All UK residents must pay UK tax (VAT).

    If you are a non-UK resident but have been charged tax the reason for this may be that the medals were either collected from our offices (which are in the UK and therefore taxable) or were posted to an address within the UK (which is therefore taxable).
  • Do you accept payment in any currencies other than Pound Sterling (GBP)? No. We can only accept payment in Pound Sterling.
  • Can I pay using PayPal? No. We do not accept PayPal as a method of payment.
  • The amount I was charged for postage was more than the amount shown on the package when it arrived. What happened to the difference? There are several costs when sending items to you in addition to just the cost of the courier. These include:

    - packaging costs,
    - insurance,
    - staff (who carefully pack each item to ensure your items are not damaged in transit).

    These additional costs each form the difference between the amount you were charged and the amount which is displayed on the package/s received.